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300 users installed the new WordPress crypto plugin

After its introduction to the market last April, a trend has been showing 300 active installs of the extension, according to a statement from its developer Alon Goren.

Known as “Wpcryptoexchange”, this plugin can immensely help any WO site owner as they can earn fees from trading crypto assets.

This includes DAI, WBTC, and BAT to name a few. The platform resembles the Totle application programming interface (API) of is more simple and has fool-proof guides for any beginner user. According to Goren, once one has it, it can allow them to swap token with others. Simply download a zip file and activate it.

Once activated, the user can now own crypto exchange and can start doing trade across other decentralized groups. To test if it’s operating efficiently, developers say tells that exchange operators can quickly spot Totle Partner Console to make sure about volumes and trading feed.

With the draper Goren Holm created plugin increasing the number of installations, it provides the general public with a countless of individuals giving a crypto commerce knowledge on any WP-based web site.

Regulators who are quite busy tracking down on the massive exchanges can have a really tough time stopping free-market crypto trades if Goren’s platform continues to grow.

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