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After Detention Center Scare, Queensland reports No New Coronavirus Cases

August 21, 2020

Overnight, there are no new cases that have been recorded in Queensland. Authorities are breathing a sigh of relief after a scare at a Brisbane juvenile detention center.

The Wacol detention center went into lockdown after a worker, in her 70s, tested positive to the disease last Wednesday night.

Seventy-five people, commonly youth, were tested at the center the other day.

Heretofore, 56 tests have come back negative, and the remaining tests are yet to be over.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young says health specialists are waiting on the genomic sequencing to be returned to determine how the 77-year-old in the detention center contracted the virus.

“I expect it in the next week,” she said.

She said there was no identified link at this stage among the woman and a group of women who toured to Melbourne in late July.

Dr. Jeanette Young says she is wholly assured the woman has not returned a false positive test but approved it had crossed her mind.

“I’m very, very confident. I must admit when I first heard about it the other night I did question it so I requested a second test to be done immediately and it came back positive,” she said.

“We did have one new case overnight, a probably historic case. These are one of those ones that are being picked up on serology (blood sequencing), it’s of no concern,” she said.

“We can link it back to a known outbreak that occurred earlier on in the pandemic.”

But a likely historic case has been known, with serology tests displaying that a previously unidentified infection went undiagnosed.

The person who was related to a previous group has already recovered from the disease.

Dr. Young has also been interrogated on the border organization and whether the borders must remain closed.

She said the health advice had not altered – the border must remain closed to places where there are active cases.

“I don’t want healthcare workers crossing the borders because they are coming from high risk situations … and coming into high risk situations,” she said.

“Similarly with police, I don’t want police crossing the border from one side to the other because they are in high-risk situations.

“They are managing borders, they are managing hotels … so again I have concerns there.”

Queensland currently has six active coronavirus cases.

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