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Another Sports NFT Tops the Market

Christiano Ronaldo NFT surpasses Lebron James’ dunk, and it is sold for $290K.

The fantasy soccer game just sprang over NBA Top Shot with a higher-priced single collectible sale, though Rob Gronkowski now holds the sports NFT crown.

The NBA Top Shot has dominated the recent craze in crypto sports NFTs, but Ethereum-based fantasy soccer game Sorare has been doing it for a while longer. And for now, it has topped Top Shot with the highest-priced sale of one sports NFT.

Last Sunday, Sorare announced that an individual NFT card of Portuguese soccer superstar Christiano Ronaldo was sold for $289,290 on the platform, topping all the previous Sorare card sales. Furthermore, it is the highest-priced soccer card that was ever sold, physically or digitally, supplanting a currency record set by the sale of a physical Topps card of Erling Haaland for $124,230.

It has also beaten the highest-priced NBA Top Shot NFT sold until now: a “legendary” LeBron James moment sold for $208,000 later in February.

Camembert, a Sorare user whose collection includes other high-value cards like Raphael Varane and Vinicius Junior, gave a comment (through Sorare) on the purchase.

“Ninety-nine percent of people probably think it is stupid to spend so much on something that you cannot ‘touch.’ My parents don’t get it and think I am a bit crazy,” he stated. “I would personally never buy a Picasso, but I was very happy to invest 300,000 USD in my idol.”

Camembert claimed that he has no plans to try and flip the card for a higher value as the NFT boom continues, continuing:

“This purchase was not motivated by speculation, I do not plan to sell anytime soon. For me, Cristiano is priceless.”

The Ronaldo NFT could have enjoyed a very quick window as the highest-value sports NFT that was ever sold, but it was rapidly overcome by “Gronk.” NFL star Rob Gronkowski’s NFT sale ended last Sunday night with $1.6 million worth of total NFT cards sold, together with the “Career Highlight Refractor Card” that was sold for 232 ETH, or around $435,000. It is still a far cry from the highest-ever football card sale, for the physical Patrick Mahomes rookie card was sold for $861,000 early this year amidst a booming market for sports cards.

The rising value of NFT sports collectibles comes among the explosion in trading volume for all the NFT digital collectibles, including crypto artwork and several kinds of in-game items. NFT trading volume boosted to $342 million only in February, topping the total for 2020, and together with Gronkowski, we have seen many collectibles from the likes of Grimes, Kings of Leon, and Taco Bell. Last week a piece of crypto art from Beeple sold for $69 million through Christie’s auction.

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