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Apple Yet to Act on Fake Rabby Wallet App, Despite User Complaints of Lost Funds

The harmful application persists on Apple’s App Store, even four days after users initially discovered and reported it.

A counterfeit Rabby Wallet app has allegedly been causing trouble for Apple App Store users, tricking those unaware into downloading it.

As of February 16, the DeBank’s Rabby Wallet team has verified that any app present on the store is counterfeit, as their official app is presently undergoing review.

The fraudulent app is listed on the App Store as “Rabby Wallet & Crypto Solution” by a company named “Solution Development,” with its version history indicating it has been available on the store for at least four days.

Despite numerous users reporting the imposter app to Apple, it seems to persist on the platform without removal.

A worried user identified as ‘manolodf’ initiated a discussion on Reddit on February 18 to alert others about the counterfeit wallet app. They also shared the warning on the Apple discussion board, including screenshots from individuals who had lost money to the deceptive application.

A victim reported, “I was scammed out of approximately $5,000 by this fraudulent app this morning. I’ve opened a support case with Apple to explore any possibility of reimbursement since the app had been reported several times before.”

“Due to a fake Rabby_io application from the Apple store, I’ve just lost 10% of my portfolio,” another person expressed their distress on X.

NFT collector ‘bthemouth’ disclosed that their wallets were emptied by the counterfeit Rabby app, which had imported their seed phrase. The user revealed an address purportedly linked to the hacker, holding nearly 14 ETH valued at about $40,000 at the time of the report.

This incident marks not the first instance of a counterfeit Rabby wallet appearing on the App Store. According to warnings issued by the Rabby team at those times, the app surfaced on the App Store in October of the previous year and reappeared in December.

In a comparable situation, on February 14, reports emerged about the discovery and listing of a fake Curve Finance app on the Apple App Store.

In November of last year, Cointelegraph reported an incident where a fake Ledger Live app, infiltrating Microsoft’s app store, resulted in the theft of almost $600,000.

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