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Atari Token for Public Sale in November

Reborn as a crypto brand, Atari has designed a token designed for in online games and gambling apps, including a modern Atari VCS game console to be released in November with some integral crypto hooks.

Not only is the launch window for the game system will happen in November, but also the public sale of the Ethereum-based ERC20 Atari Token.

Recently, Atari has announced that it has partnered with holding the general sale for the next month, as well as the Atari Token.

As far as now, Atari has sold more than $1.5M in a total of its token in between the two pre-sales. The first has raised an amount of $514,000 and was primarily “contributed by the partners” to stress test and then launch the blockchain. The second sale with a total of $1M came from the partnership of ICICB Group and the third-parties, while the third pre-sale is recently on the way and will end before the public sale.

The initial pre-sales have offered the Atari Token at $0.08 apiece, but there is no word so far on how much it will then sell for in November’s public sale. The exchange will then offer the Atari token for purchase with the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

According to a release, the Atari Exchange’s launch will be at the same time as the Exchange listing, in order “to achieve a better synchronization with the other project stages.”

Atari has detailed visualization for the Atari Token that will align with the roots at the company and will popularize the video games in the 1970s and early 1980s. As stated by the website, Atari will offer the competitive games, a borderless online casino, and an online sports and esports betting platform driven by the Atari Token.

Moreover, Atari will then integrate the blockchain-based Ultra game delivery platform within the new VCS console, then letting the owners obtaining the PC games that are playable on the device. Ultra users can also purchase the console itself from the platform with the use of Atari Tokens, plus the classic Atari games like Pong and Rollercoaster Tycoon will be available via Ultra.

In August, Atari has also inked a $4M deal with Animoca Brands – publisher of blockchain games The Sandbox and F1 Delta Time – it allows Animoca to release the crypto-infused updates of the games like Centipede and Asteroids. The deal will also make Animoca the exclusive provider of the blockchain content for the new Atari VCS, though it is not clear on how the last mont’s Ultra partnership that was aligned with the agreement.

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