Big Brother Nigeria Housemates Participate in Bitcoin Quiz, Get $500 BTC as Reward

What’s for today? Solve Bitcoin puzzles.

Adding a twist to its activities, eighteen housemates from Nigeria Big Brother pushed their daily tasks out of solving a bitcoin quiz.

The participants’ had to crack their brains to know’s who can adapt to cryptocurrencies. The rules are: they had to tell the audience some of the use for bitcoin, including airtime and top-up and online payments.

Some of the specific questions include “what a bitcoin wallet is? or how is the price of bitcoin determined?” Another part of the challenge is to name the type five leading cryptocurrencies and make them draw a sample of a bitcoin wallet, which added fun to the game.

Besides, housemates are also tasked to create original radio jingles.

The challenge is sponsored by Patricia, a cryptocurrency exchange operating in Nigeria and Ghaha, who gave out $500 worth of BTC load.

This move, admittedly first of its kind, aims to give more than entertainment but awareness on the usage of the product.

BBN’s excursion into cryptocurrency in cooperation with Patricia signifies a vital step in Nigerian efforts to increase awareness.

Nigeria has been making waves and is the single biggest cryptocurrency market whose traded volumes dwarfs that of the nearest rival.

Based on various data from peer to peer trading platforms shows, Africa’s most populous country accounts for more than 50% of traded volumes.

In the meantime, some experts in Nigeria believe platform of BBN is an excellent avenue to fan the flame for crypto

The General Secretary with the Stakeholders in the Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria, Senator Ihenyen, supported this observation.

He further added that the quiz is a subtle way to inject crypto ideas to the audience, mainly youth. In previous ratings, BBN show amassed a total of 240 million votes, and 50 million of those came in the final week alone.

He further said that “these contestants might end up boosting cryptocurrency adoption more by getting involved in some form of cryptocurrency activities.”

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