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Binance blacklisted by Russia

Roskomnadzor, the Russian telecom regulator that supervises the activities of media and information, has blacklisted Binance.

Though the Russian telecom regulator claims that Binance was added to the list on June 20, the digital assets exchange platform stated that they only got informed about it on September 24.

As per the news, Binance has been assuring its users that their digital assets and the platform’s funds are still safe and accessible. The platform elaborated that the customers can easily gain access without going through any block or hardship. Gleb Kostarev, the Head of Operations of Binance in Russia, noted that they had informed their customers of the progress.

Russian telecom regulator claims to have banned Binance ever since June.

In the announcement made via the platform’s Telegram account, Binance has notified its users of the progress and then promised that their funds are in safe hands.

The statement reads:

“We were not properly notified of this news, and now that we are in the know, we have contacted our legal representatives and are looking into how best to approach the situation.”

They were blacklisted because they gave out information that was forbidden by the Russian telecom regulator.

Roskomnadzor begins to clampdown the crypto exchanges in Russia.

Though the platform has been placed on a list of banned websites, it is still accessible to Russians. It has now been three months since the ban has taken effect, and then clients don’t need to change their locations to access the website.

This is not yet permanent for the Russian telecom regulator has been working tirelessly to shut down the country’s crypto exchange platforms. The website named has bored the wrath of the Roskomnadzor in the early parts of August after it was shut down. In the latest development, the new Binance crypto debit card launched in the country is now facing enormous doubts.

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