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Binance.US opens door for Alaska

Binance.US recently announced that it opened doors for crypto users in Alaska. The exchange has only been available in a few states when it was launched because of local regulation. But more states have been added so far, and it intends to serve all 50 states in the country, together with New York.

In the meantime, today’s development comes right after the parent exchange, Binance, issued a warning for American traders to leave.

Binance.US for Alaska

As Binance.US opens the doors for Alaska, crypto investors and traders in the region are now supported to register with the exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. After the latest support for Alaska, there are now six states not supported for Binance.US account, namely, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, New York, Texas, Vermont, and Washington. The US exchange aims to support all states by 2021.

Since September 15, the exchange announced support for the 39th and 40th states after launching two states’ regulated services. Binance.US has been launching support for many states, for the parent exchange wants to support US users completely.

Binance concludes support for US customers.

Last November 24, Binance has issued emails to customers in the US, advising them to withdraw their crypto assets in two weeks.

This time, the exchange seemed to get more serious, as the American users avoid the previous warnings. Some of the remaining US customers probably used VPNs to access the platform, and the exchange warned that they were “trying to access Binance while having identified [themselves] as a US person.”

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