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Bitcoin Miners Earned More Than $1.5 Billion Just For March 2021

Data obtained by The Block Research reveals that Bitcoin (BTC) miners have earned more than $1.5 billion in revenue.

This value outlines the most revenue earned by the mining sector in a given month. Given that several days remain in March, the final figure will exceed the current $1.51 billion number.

The large majority of the funds earned — $1.36 billion — were in the form of per-block subsidies, or the 6.25 BTC reached with each transaction block’s creation.

The miners earned a collected $148 million in fees per the data, which transactors pay to make their transactions more likely to be included in the next block.

March’s all-time high figure exceeded February when miners earned a total of $1.36 billion across the sector. The new performance figures signify that miners have collectively more than $1 billion for three months in a row.

As The Block previously reported, publicly-traded bitcoin mining firms have ridden the recent boom in bitcoin’s price, reflecting the cryptocurrency’s volatile performance.

These developments come as institutional investors in North America move to expand their footprint in the mining sector.

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