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BitMEX a Crypto multi-deal tycoon being tagged as a scam.

Hong Kong-based digital currency giant BitMEX is releasing other systems with goodness for its firm customers including developed security management and accounting.

June 22 announcement on the BitMEX support page, the stock market has launched BitMEX Corporate, a new program for corporate customers.

Cryptocurrency accounts that are not owned and managed by an individual can now ensure that their relationship with BitMEX is the legal property of the company.

According to BitMEX, new features are designed for customers who need a “different ownership structure for their accounts”, tools for their employees to access and manage accounts, and security requirements.

However, this release also states that options such as multi-user logins and instant transfers between accounts will be available in 2020.

Stuck in controversy

Despite the fact that BitMEX stays probably the biggest multi-trades on the planet, numerous individuals from the crypto network have been stating they are losing trust in it.

Sources revealed in March that when the trade went disconnected for about 25 minutes during the crypto bloodbath, numerous clients were not influenced by BitMEX’s clarification of “an equipment issue with cloud specialist co-op.” what’s more, the subsidiaries Goliath is confronting another claim wherein its administrators are blamed for racketeering, tax evasion, wire extortion, and unlicensed cash transmissions.

Crypto Twitter users quickly react negatively to BitMEX’s official announcement. Saying it is a swindle and it’s too late.

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