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Bizarre Harrassment Campaign done by Ex-eBay Employees

In June, authorities from Massachusetts have announced that they were charging six former eBay employees in connection with the peculiar harassment campaign of a couple who ran an e-commerce newsletter.

The six individuals have sent the couple, David and Ina Steiner, online threats and abuse, they also mailed a bizarre collection of items that includes live insects and a bloody pig mask, all because of the newsletter’s negative coverage of eBay, according to US Attorney’s Boston office.

Veronica Zea, one of the six individuals that were charged, said she plans to plead guilty – the charges included are conspiring to commit cyberstalking and tampering with the witnesses.

The Steiners have received a book titled “Grief Diaries: Surviving the Loss of a Spouse’ along with a funeral wreath. They also got fly larvae and lived spiders and even a box of cockroaches. Adding to the mentioned, copies of the September issue of “Hustler: Barely Legal” flaunting “eye-popping 18-year-olds” have arrived at the homes of neighbors that displays David Steiner’s name on them.

The couple had their home address exposed, and their car had been followed while driving around their neighbourhood, pizzas had also delivered at all times – the plan even called for Zea and the others to put a tracking device on the Steiners’ car (which haven’t happened).

Prosecutors are saying that the Global Security and Resiliency team, as the team of ex-eBay employees was known and planned to harass the Steiners secretly. Eventually, have eBay step in and then put a stop to it. With this, they guessed, they could trick the Steiners into more positive coverage of the company. Then, according to some reports, the campaign done against the couple was sanctioned by eBay’s former CEO Devin Wenig a claim that denies: “I was just speaking off the cuff,” he says.

The scheme that was described was entirely evil and remarkably inept – full of daft assumptions on the part of eBay concerning a plot that never existed. It stands as a warning about how quick the tech companies can feel aggrieved, and then the mayhem that can ensue when it happens. It is vividly shown how the internet can make people crazy, without even realizing it.

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