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Blockchain-Based Gaming: Gearing Up

Digital currencies, assets, and economies are rapidly growing. This brings a lot of interest to investors, gamers, and developers.

Digital trading is now evolving through the use of in-game currencies, NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens), which serve as proof of ownership and can be used to transact, trade, or even invest a digital asset.

DMarket, a platform that uses blockchain technology that allows us to buy, sell, and trade and in-game assets, has secured a 6.5 million dollars in venture funding. Almaz Capital that has an extensive presence in Silicon Valley and Europe, has led the idea.

They’d like to create a virtual economy to be an alternative to today’s economy.

This fund is meant to be used to develop in-game ecosystems that can help the players, influencers, and game developers create video game content together securely while generating a profit. They believe that the future of gaming will be a simulation of the virtual worlds having in-game assets.

Trip Hawkins, one of the gaming pioneers, has joined the DMarket as a board member believes in the idea of a business model that games can be played for free but contains virtual economies with the use of virtual currencies.

He also believes that social games and virtual economy have surrounded the gaming industry’s growth. The rise of E-sports has let into cryptocurrency, having a breakthrough to be a part of this theme.

Last month, Ubisoft released a series of blockchain-based digital collectables for their gaming and television franchise; Rabbids. Which are one of the NFTs being created at an early stage? The NFTs are new collectables that consist of unique properties and designs. They can be exchanged like a trading card. However, Ubisoft has also noted that all the sales would be donated to the UNICEF fund.

Blockchain Heroes is a series that has been developed by The Bad Crypto Podcast hosts, Joel Comm and Travis Wright. It will feature 50 unique superheroes inspired by the personalities within the crypto and blockchain community.

Each may come in the form of digital trading cart NFT and feature a unique design, properties, and value. This will promote the concept of the digital wallet being beneficial regarding ownership and transparency.

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