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Blockchain is The Game-Changer in Agro-Fishing Industries

Project Release stated that the agricultural and fishing industry’s logistic problems will give ease by using their blockchain-powered platform.

Release, a blockchain-based social trading platform, announced on July 12 that its platform is ready to transform agriculture and the fishing industry.

Agriculture and the fishing industry have great potential for global scaling if problems such as logistical efficiency and price equity can be overcome.

The communication is said to have developed a social trade architecture that will help change the global logistics of agriculture and fisheries.

“Sellers will now be able to choose the spot prices of freshly picked vegetables, fruits, fishes, shellfishes, etc. This can potentially solve the major concerns in this industry and optimize it massively… that will benefit of both buyers as well as sellers.”

Release claims that logistical and supply chain inefficiencies and the lack of effective communication between buyers and sellers are some of the main challenges for social trade.

The press emphasized that this social trading platform would eliminate the role of intermediaries, which would further strengthen the scale of agriculture and fisheries in electronic commerce.

Well distributed and the use of Social Platform

Social trading is a subset of electronic commerce that includes social media – online media that support social interaction – and consumer input to help buy and sell products and services online.

This publication aims to combine social media and e-commerce to provide a stable platform for widespread and decentralized social commerce.

This project uses cutting-edge technology such as big data and artificial intelligence to develop a strong, safe, and secure platform for social commerce.

The popular “Release” tag gives owners access to platform features to buy services, skills, products, and more.

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