Blockchain – Most Searched Skill for 2020

Cloud-based computing, artificial intelligence, and analytical thinking led the worldwide list of the most sought-after hard skills on LinkedIn last year.

Yet, this year, one specific skill has been noticed that was not on the site a year ago: blockchain. As per information from the LinkedIn Talent Blog, blockchain will play a prominent role in “hard skills” in 2020, which candidates should produce to satisfy head hunters.

Blockchain is on top of the list of the most demanded professional skills for this year. Blockchain for the first time before cloud computing, AI and analytical thinking

In our digital world, the professions that are considered in the business world are evolving rapidly. While the soft skills valued by corporations are gradually shifting, the most sought-after hard skills are advancing at lightning speed, which is primarily motivated by the constant development in advanced technology.

Blockchain is the most searched skill in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia. Besides it, other technical skills e.g., such as cloud-based computing, analytical thinking, AI, UX design, etc. are additionally on the list of intense experiences in need on the blockchain list. In 2019 titles such as cloud-based computing, artificial intelligence, or analytical thinking were the most searched hard skills from the LinkedIn list.

In the recently announced ranking of 2020, these terms can be found again. Nevertheless, blockchain is also showing up for the first time at the top of the most popular hard skills for 2020.

Companies perceive the blockchain as a transformation technology blockchain evolved from the once dark world of cryptocurrency into a business answer in search of problem solutions.

Hence, head hunters must familiarize themselves with the blockchain and find out how it works and what advantages the technology could bring to their own company.

The potential of blockchain – practically a digital book – is vast. The advocates see this as a safe, decentralized, and cost- and time-efficient way to transparently trace deliveries and transactions of all kinds. 

Skeptics and there are numerous, express anxieties about the lack of regulated contracts, scalability, and extreme energy expenditure. Big corporations rely on blockchain technology business careers to perceive the potential of blockchain and become reasonably preferred the expertise to be an “in-crowd.” JPMorganChaseOracle, IBM.

Even, for example, Microsoft is currently running on projects based on the blockchain. The blockchain can be utilized in numerous ways, for example, in administration, healthcare, agriculture, or food security.

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