Blockchain-Power ‘Must Be Used’ to Fight the Crisis – S. Korean Doctor

South Korean doctor announced that it is an “inevitability” that medics in the country will turn to blockchain and other industry technology improvements in the wake of a flu vaccine error that has killed at least 59 people.

Kim Mi-ri, an ear, nose and throat specialist who works in Seoul’s busy Yongsan District, informed Cryptonetwork.News,

“It’s inevitable now that we have all this technology, such as blockchain, at our disposal that the medical profession in this country starts to use it. We need to use technology to monitor the way that medicine is distributed, managed and administered. We simply must do this now. The scope for human error is too broad. We need to narrow this using tools like traceability platforms, powered by blockchain, AI, Big Data, and IoT devices.”

Kim was addressing after it appeared that Samsung SDS, the IT services arm of the Samsung business empire. He stated it will be launching a blockchain-based drug administration history management pilot this month. The pilot will run for between three and six months, They will see several unnamed pharmaceutical companies participate, reported E Daily.

Two other related projects have also been launched, both spearheaded by major South Korean pharmaceutical companies, and both are using industry 4.0 technology.

Kim embraced the development and considered that “plenty” of other companies were likely working on similar platforms – particularly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The nation has been shaken by the news that a batch of about 5 million flu vaccine doses that should have been kept in refrigeration was instead stored at room temperature en route to hospitals and medical clinics around the country.

Vast numbers of people were taken ill after being administered with the vaccines, with nearly 60 deaths linked to the incident. The government has informed folks who have chosen not to receive the vaccine as a result of the error to trust the medical sector and guarantee the most vulnerable members of society receive their seasonal flu vaccinations ahead of the winter months.

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