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Blockchain-Powered RPG D&D Game: A Real Game-Changer!

A German software firm said that it had created the first game to run on the Litecoin blockchain – claiming that “smart” gameplay on the new title will earn players Litecoin (LTC) tokens.

The game is named LiteBringer, as announced by its developer CipSoft.

The firm said that the title is role-playing, a fantasy-themed game that “utilizes the Litecoin blockchain for all of its interactions,” according to LTC founder Charlie Lee, speaking on a Litecoin Foundation call.

CipSoft stated that the title would be the “first true litecoin game,” and its co-founder Ulrich Schlott claimed that “blockchain has the potential to revolutionize gaming.”

Lee also opined,

“One of the pioneers of online gaming taking the next step and developing the first true Litecoin game is great to see.”

LiteBringer players are charged with sending “knights and sorcerers on increasingly difficult quests to gather loot.

With weapons, resources, and characters stored on the Litecoin blockchain, “every move in the game is a transaction” on the network and “creates value,” the firm added.

Though instead of then playing up the game’s fantasy elements, the firm strived to appeal to gamers’ inner traders, stating,

“At heart, it is a complex trading simulation. Make smart investments, and the game literally lives up to its name and brings you litecoins.”

The firm continued that it was making “unapologetic use of the blockchain and its decentralized architecture” to “give players a freedom and security that’s unheard of in online gaming.”

If “unapologetically” applied blockchain tech or medieval knights toting bags of silver litecoin lolly sounds like your thing, you can watch the game’s trailer here:

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