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Blockchain: Your Privacy Protector

Social media has been all over and one’s privacy are already compromised the moment you signed up for one.

Around the globe, authorities have been increasing the number of using surveillance to take control of their citizens.

This is at the cost of losing one’s personal freedom and liberty. Financial transactions mainly is linked to one of this liberty. Without privacy, the freedom of an individual is already at risk.

Cryptocurrency promises that uncensorable and unseizable for the people. BTC was supposed to work peer-to-peer and lacks privacy that’s mainly an essential to enable the properties.

Some cryptocurrencies seem to be focused on privacy, given the regulations and misconception that privacy coins are used.

Low usage will actually be equal to low privacy. Transactions are being partially traceable. Explanations have been given to explain why cryptocurrencies don’t seem to encourage greater adoption of private transactions.

They would need to play nice with regulators that are mostly against the idea of private transactions.

Lelantus, offers a privacy protocol that automatically makes the funds in a wallet anonymous but has an option to turn it off when needed.

The server maintains easy adoption for any exchange and digital wallets. With the exchange that knows your identity, there’s no need to sacrifice anything and people are going to benefit lightweight transaction and integration with a larger crypto ecosystem used for Bitcoin-type coins.

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