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Blocklete Games: Yes to Crypto Payments!

Blocklete Games is a virtual sports experience established to utilize blockchain technology; they have announced that patrons can now pay for their services and products with cryptocurrency with BitPay.

Blocklete Agrees to Crypto Payments

The users of the Blocklete Golf can now buy and sell digital golfers through Ethereum, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ripple, or other stable currencies. It can also be played in different tournaments and then win cash prizes. The Digital Athletes are then collected by users who can trade or compete with them in digital sporting events.

Bill Zielke, chief marketing officer of Bit Pay, has announced:

“Bit Pay continues to see strong demand from leading online game makers to accept cryptocurrency as a fast, secure and modern method of payment. We believe Blocklete Golf will have strong appeal to the cryptocurrency community and see Turner Sports’ introduction of Blocklete Games as a bold and innovative move embracing new era technology.”

It is very refreshing for most traders and the crypto enthusiasts to see the platforms accepting digital funds as a payment method for the goods and services when considered that this is what it was initially created for. The digital currencies were stuck in something speculative trap for a while. However, people will show enthusiasm for it; this is only because they are very curious by the mindset of getting rich overnight.

On the other hand, this is not basically what BTC and its different digital counterparts were created for. Relatively, they were being established as alternatives to the paper or fiat money. They were initially designed to be distributed the way one would use the US dollar or the Euro. Sadly, some retailers and shops were disinterested with the idea of accepting crypto as a form of payment when many cryptocurrencies are still considered as highly vulnerable to the volatility and price swings, and even further, they aren’t the one to blame.

Blocklete is saying “yes” to crypto payments hoping that it will inspire more players to participate in the company’s events. The company also says that it’s looking to reduce the high fees that are often associated with credit cards and take fraudulent chargebacks out of all future equations.

Bringing the People Closer

Yang Adija, the vice president of Business Operations and Strategy at Turner Sports, the parent company of Blocklete, explained in an interview:

“With Blocklete Games, we see a transformational opportunity to give fans more control over the videogaming experience by reversing the conventional power dynamic between player and publisher.”

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