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Bull Run Pays Off! Big Corporations Now Hold $30B in Bitcoin

Selected companies in the world hold a total of 1.15M BTC in their treasuries. It is over $30B-worth of the cryptocurrency, thanks to the cryptocurrency’s latest price boom.

The figures show that 29 companies own 5.48% of Bitcoin’s total supply in their treasuries.

Out of the listed companies, MicroStrategy owns the most bitcoin. It holds around 70,000, or $1.8B-worth of Bitcoin.

Because Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy’s CEO, believes that the asset is better than gold and is buying the cryptocurrency like there is no tomorrow.

The company bought 29,646BTC worth around $800M last December 21. Some public companies on the list that hold Bitcoin include Galaxy Digital, with $48M; Square, with over $126M and Hut 8, which contains $79M.

Private companies include MTGOX K.K., which holds $3.8B, and Stone Ridge Holdings Group, which owns $292M after investing last October. Bitcoin Treasuries also listed “ETF-like” companies such as the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ($15.6B) and CoinShares ($1.9B).

However, in contempt of the $30B figure sounding like a lot, the immense majority of companies on the list are crypto-related. It will still be a while before hedge funds in the world start holding the currency.

With that being said, many are talking about it always, and others are investing; maybe they will start holding it in their treasuries sooner than expected.

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