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Casa formed Alliance with the Human Rights Foundation

Bitcoin firm, Casa has declared an alliance with the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) to support activists and oppositions around the globe to protect their Bitcoin property.

Casa will furnish the HRF firm with its start to finish Bitcoin secure capacity arrangements.
The establishment will utilize Casa’s answers for secure Bitcoin gifts, including those that added to the recently made Bitcoin Development Fund, which is financing answers for increment secrecy on the Bitcoin arrange.

“Bitcoin has tremendous potential to help activists raise funds to combat human rights abuses in a tough political environment, but keeping it secure has always been a challenge,” announced by the HFR’s strategic director, Alex Gladstein.

“With Casa’s solutions, activists can safely store their bitcoins. It is imperative that they control their private keys and always be able to move their funds where and when needed.”

“Unfortunately, human rights organizations often face challenges in managing their funds, including freezing bank accounts,” as mentioned by Casa CEO, Nick Neumann.

“It can happen to any organization. For example, in 2019, HSBC froze the account of the Hong Kong pro-democracy group Spark Alliance due to political pressure. But Bitcoin is changing the rules of the game. It is protected by robust solutions that provide complete control over your coins. Bitcoin allows activists to raise and spend funds in a way that governments and corporations cannot control.”

Casa recently announced its new bitcoin wallet app for newbies last June.

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