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Coinbase wants to Keep Customers Happy

Coinbase hired a large group of Support Staff to keep its customers happy.

Coinbase, finally addressed its complicated history of customer service complaints in its new blog post.

“Tired of Coinbase’s customer support? Help is here.”

The crypto exchange said on its website yesterday. It also blogged about the army of support agents that it has hired to address its customers’ issues with the service. It also planned more measures to come soon.

Brian Armstrong was the founder of the company nine years ago. Since then, complaints from customers have always been piling up. In 2018, Mashable acquired a 134-page report of customer complaints through a Freedom of Information Access request to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The image that circulated back then was that of disgruntled Coinbase users. They mainly have two problems: either funds have mysteriously disappeared – mostly prompting accusations that Coinbase acquired the money itself – or they have been locked out of their own accounts.

Since going public in April this year, The New York Times reported that customers of Coinbase still pointed to the repeating problems of missing funds and account lock-outs. Very little change happened.

How they deal with the Problems?


However, Coinbase says that things are now getting better. In a recent blog post, Casper Sorensen, the VP of customer support, stated that the exchange has dramatically reduced its backlog of customer complaints.

Since the beginning of the year, Sorensen stated that Coinbase reduced the number of times its active customers contacted the company by 70%, despite increasing its user base by 28%.

To make this successful, Sorensen stated that Coinbase has grown five times its customer support staff by hiring another 3,000 agents. They educate their customers about how to protect their accounts from scams. They are also recommending that rich customers activate two-factor verification checks that can help a lot.

The exchange expects to launch a live chat and phone support in the “coming months,”

The stakes have increased periodically by going public. It seems like happy customers could just add Coinbase shares to their portfolios together with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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