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Court Records in Thailand to be stored on Blockchain

August 26, 2020

Thailand is considering moving its most extensive court system to a blockchain platform. The Office of Courts of Justice of Thailand has publicized that it’s working on moving its full judicial information to a blockchain platform by 2021.

The office, which oversees above 90% of the country’s courts, announced a press release on Thursday that it has been emerging the blockchain network for several times now. It’s directing to move all its records virtual by next year as part of the Thai government’s determination to digitize its public services.

While the office didn’t divulge many details, including which blockchain protocol it used to construct its platform, it revealed that the project is close to completion. In the next few weeks, it will begin to prepare its officials on how to use it.

The blockchain project is the newest in a string of digitization projects by the Thai government as it works in the direction of ‘Thailand 4.0’ economic model. The model trusts the adoption of evolving technology, including Blockchain, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and more.

Together with other Asian Countries that have integrated blockchain technology into their judicial system, Thailand joins them with China leading the pack. The East Asia economic giant has integrated Blockchain in numerous ways, one of which is recording hearings. One of the pioneers in China’s biggest city Shanghai where courts have been keeping records on the Blockchain for several months as of the moment.

China’s smart courts have also been a considerable success, as they were relying on Blockchain and AI, settling millions of cases since their formation in 2017. The courts, which function 24 hours a day, every day of the week, have greatly alleviated the burden on China’s courts, permitting the minor offenses to be settled effortlessly and swiftly.

While elsewhere in Japan, researchers launched a blockchain-powered digital court last April 2020. The court initially handled civil cases, with the creators revealing they intended to expand its order after a test run.

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