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Crypto Hackers’ New Target

Hackers have targeted Github Server infrastructure to mine cryptocurrencies.

Github services is now under investigation after a series of reports about attacks against one of its infrastructures by running unauthorized crypto mining apps. Cybercriminals have allegedly exploited some security flaws that could have been exploited to mine cryptos illegally.

Attackers Exploit ‘Github Actions’

According to reports, Justin Perdok, a Dutch security engineer, detected a cyber-attacker targeting repositories that belong to Github. Attacks have been happening since November 2020.

Perdok has pointed out that the series of attacks have “abused a Github feature named Github Actions,” which allows the users to automatically execute the workflows and tasks only when a specific event happens and then pull the trigger on the repositories.

Because of that, threat actors are now taking advantage of the repositories where Github Actions are already enabled. The record has provided details on how the attack takes place:

“The attack involves forking a legitimate repository, adding malicious GitHub Actions to the original code, and then filing a Pull Request with the original repository in order to merge the code back into the original.”

But the engineer clarified that the attacker just needed to fill the “Pull Request” in order to deploy the malicious workflows. Once it has been loaded, Github’s systems will be cheated, as it will read the attacker’s code and then download a crypto-mining software automatically.

100 Crypto Mining Apps have been Deployed in a Single Attack

However, the malicious campaign seemed to be more powerful than usual, Perdok said that he already detected hackers deploying almost 100 crypto-mining apps – like Srbminer – in a single attack to mine a lot of cryptocurrencies.

The attack still seems not to pose a danger to the users’ projects on the platform.

Github already responded on the matter, saying that they are aware of the issue and “are actively investigating.” But Perdok stated that Github provided him the similar comment last year when he reported the flaw.

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