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Crypto Livestream halted by YouTube

September 7, 2020

While having a Livestream, Sunny Decree, a crypto YouTuber, suddenly saw it being terminated by YouTube. The platform indicated that the video had dishonored the ‘harmful and dangerous policy.’

Sunny Decree tweeted on September 5 that the platform has terminated his newest Livestream on his English Channel basing in Switzerland, though he also records in German. YouTube had warned him that if a second offense happens, the consequence will be a one-week suspension of service for uploading, posting, and live streaming.

YouTube has targeted Sunny Decree’s channel way back. In December last year, the platform has begun deleting his videos that are crypto-related aggressively. Aside from Decree, other prominent media experienced the deletion of their videos without enlightenment. Later on, YouTube has addressed the move as an “error” and restored the deleted videos.

Nonetheless, YouTube has continued targeting different crypto-related channels, apparently responding to the ‘crypto giveaway’ scam videos that are being posted consecutively.

Concerning this, the platform has terminated an official channel of cryptocurrency news website in June of this year. It was stated that the reason for this is “a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service.” Afterward, the website filed an appeal, and then the channel, together with the 40,000 subscribers, was brought back after two days.

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