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Crypto Management App User Information Leaked

The launch of crypto financial technology in London refutes Sixgill’s claim that its database has been stolen by hackers.

Plutus, a cryptocurrency application founded in 2015, has denied social media reports that its database has been compromised by hacker attacks launched by participants allegedly in the threat.

A couple of days ago, Israeli-based intelligence agency Sixgill released a report on its official Twitter account, which found that hackers shared a database that was stolen from the July 7 crypto application without further details.

Alleged cyber incident and official announcement coming from Plutus

“We have investigated several possible attack vectors and not found any evidence of hacking. We want to reassure our customers that there is no risk of losing either their fiat or crypto balances. Our services are non-custodial by design which removes the possibility of company hacks having any impact on customer assets. So far, we have not found any evidence to suggest a successful hacking attempt.”

According to screenshots published by Sixgill, the attackers allegedly uploaded information 1205, along with the password “bcrypt”, to an unknown website. They are linked to the password that Plutus users use to access their wallets through the website.

Plutus recently announced that it will start offering gifts via debit cards when consumers shop at Nike’s online store. This opens up to 3% crypto and 9% cash prizes for this purchase.

A respected news source contacted Sixgill for further details, but so far received no response from the press. Expect updates as this news develops.

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