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‘Crypto Nerd’ Hired by Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve of Richmond hired Self-Described ‘Crypto Nerd’

The former head of TD Ameritrade’s digital assets, Sunayna Tuteja, has joined the Federal Reserve System as its chief innovation officer.

Sunayna Tuteja is the Richmond Federal Reserve System’s new chief innovation officer, as has been announced by the bank today. In her new role, she will “lead efforts to identify, research, enable and advocate for new technologies while fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and experimentation.”

The Richmond Fed is one of the 12 banks in the Federal Reserve System – when the people refer to “the Fed,” they are usually talking about the system on a national level. It serves the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area, and also North and South Carolina.

Neither Tuteja nor the bank had commented about this news.

Tuteja had worked at TD Ameritrade for over a decade; according to her LinkedIn page, she last worked as a managing director, head of digital assets, and distributed ledger tech, with the main focus on “blockchain and crypto.” During her service, the company began approaching crypto with a bit of an open mind; in 2017, TD Ameritrade began supporting Bitcoin futures trades.

In a profile, she described herself as a “Crypto Nerd.”

Fed Chair Jerome Powell didn’t really care about cryptocurrencies, however, he recently stated that he is at least keeping an eye on the regulatory answers for state-controlled coins named CBDCs – Central Bank Digital Currencies. China is now preparing a launch of a CBDC, and many other countries and central banks in the world are now in the process of developing their own CBDCs.

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