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Crypto Popularity to be boosted by YouTubers

Bitkub, a Bangkok-based digital currency exchange, has reached a partnership with top YouTubers from Thailand to boost the country’s awareness and popularity of cryptocurrencies.

The YouTube influencers will be giving out digital tokens to the subscribers or fans, which can be traded in the non-fungible token marketplace.

Bitkub announces fan token ($FAN)

The YouTubers Bie The Ska, Kaykai Salaider, Kyutae Oppa, SpriteDer SPD, and Kyutae Oppa are the top influencers from Thailand. The subscribers from the mentioned channels reach a total of over 40M when combined. With the partnership, Bitkub planned to develop a fan utility token ($FAN) for the YouTubers to reward their respective fan community.

The cryptocurrency exchange hasn’t yet mentioned the definite amount of the fan tokens, which will be created. Nevertheless, the chairman at Bitkub, Sakolkorn Sakavee, has disclosed that the digital tokens will be distributed into three parties. A significant percentage of fan tokens will go to the fan community, while the substantial part will be distributed amongst the Thailand YouTube influencers and the marketplace owner.

Bitkub impulses for conventional crypto adoption

As the report says, the digital token can be freely traded to access the celebrity YouTubers. The subscribers can choose to trade the digital tokens for contents like video calls with a YouTuber, birthday videos, meetings, and more. Sakavee is optimistic that the development will launch the mainstream adoption of digital currencies and Blockchain technology.

“A good start is to drive the cryptocurrency use in the future.”

With regards to the Blockchain, Thailand had a recent application of technology in agriculture. In the previous year, the country’s government has worked on an agro Blockchain tracking. In August, it was reported that the Court of Justice plans to set up Blockchain technology in storing the judicial records and information starting the year 2021.

It has also been noted that Thailand has joined the other countries in the race to develop the national digital currency.

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