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Cryptocity Proponent AKON joins Presidential Candidate Brock Pierce as Chief Strategist

If you have read Akon’s building, a future-forward cryptocurrency city that will eventually be named after him, now he is into another venture: chief strategist.

Recently, he has joined the campaign of American crytopreneur Brock Pierce, who is also running as the president of America, as it is Head Strategist. This post is concurrent as he develops the project for the city in Senegal.

“Not only is Akon one of the most well-known artists globally, but he is also a successful global businessman and philanthropist,” said Pierce, who is the founder of Blockchain Capital and Tether in a statement given to CNWN.

The presidential candidate, who’s electoral journey was announced just this July, also noted that “I started my life as an artist so I have the utmost respect for the culture and the arts — without it, we are lost. His aspirations to be in politics, to be in civil service, and what he has accomplished in Africa and beyond will be valuable for our platform on a regional, national, and world-wide level.”

Meanwhile, the two-time Grammy winner happily told, “I have always known Brock Pierce to be a standup guy. He’s a real people’s person and he doesn’t operate between party lines. We share the same dream of pushing America forward for everyone without showing favoritism to one particular base.”

Not known to many, Piece was the main inspiration for the creation of the AKON CITY.

If one could remember, CNWN published stories of the futuristic city that will be completed by 2023, and the entire city is expected to be completed in 2029.

As of the moment, Brock Pierce is currently on the ballot in eight U.S. states and Washington, D.C., which is more than any other independent candidate in 2020,

Pierce has also appealed to join the ballot in several more states, while entrepreneur Karla Ballard will be his vice president. At the same time, data rights activist, and whistleblower Brittany Kaiser is Pierce’s campaign manager.

Besides, Kaiser was a crucial witness in the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, divulging data abuse in elections around the world.

Just recently, the Independence Party of New York, wh has 500,000 members statewide, announced its endorsement for Pierce as the next U.S. president.

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