‘Davey Day Trader’ requesting for Bitcoin explanation from The “Twins”

Davey Day Trader or Dave Portnoy, a popular twitter personality who said that “stocks only go up,” made a statement that shocked many. He now wants to learn about Bitcoin personally from the Winklevoss twins, Tyler and Cameron.

In his daily show last August 4, 2020. He said that he’d like the twins to “explain Bitcoin in a way that I would understand.” He is also requesting that the twins “come in their little rowing outfits,” about the movie The Social Network, where they were shown competing in Harvard’s rowing team. The twins have accepted the offer.

Portnoy also recalled that he once bought BTC during the times when BTC was still rising but then lost all access. He said: “I’ve spent 20 grand, it’s just sitting in the ether” he stressed that it has appeared to be an accidental pun.

He admitted that he does not know how to buy Bitcoin or maintain the asset. This is the main reason why he requested the twins to explain it to him. He mentioned that he already talked to them about it before, but they demand a free ad. He’s hoping to also get rich by learning about it.

Portnoy is the founder of a sports news website, Barstool Sports. During the pandemic, he continued learning about daily stock trading to cover up for closing sports betting. He also shows videos about his adventures in the stock market.

His sudden interest in Bitcoin is possibly due to plunging profits in the stock market. This is affected by the latest rally led by large stocks.

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