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DeFi-Pushing Chainlink Hit Record High Figures

The national blockchain of China called Chainlink has seen a massive upsurge in price and hit records of highest bitcoin’s return since the start of 2020.

As it activated 135 noted, China has been recording highs in the early week of the month. This signifies a growing use of Chainlink price oracles in a decentralized Finance or commonly known as Defi set up and marks a higher drive of the cryptocurrency, according to experts.

An all-time high of $5.72 at 11:45 UTC (7:45 a.m. ET) was clocked in and was the last trading at $5.65.

This represented an estimated 200% gains on a year-to-date setup.
Back in April 2020, Michael Anderson, the co-founder of Framework Ventures professed that the short term values of Chainlink climb can be pointed out to the project’s scaled utilization in the Defi arena.
This paved way to the leveraging of Chainlink to connect with on-chain to off-chain smart contracts and data feeds like crypto price data and commodities.

According to Anderson, the market capacity of DeFi has exponentially escalated over the last month, thanks to the role of the Chinese government who initiated oracle integration to their national blockchain services. If this continues, he ended, the value of the link will be appreciated, especially when the staking is rolled out to the market.

On the other hand, the bitcoin is recorded a low 50% from its lifetime high of $20,000 which was reached in December 2017.

This year, it has only obtained 29%, per reports of Coin Metrics, a data source.

Based on this, we can deduce that the connection of cryptocurrency has disjointed from bitcoin, the crypto market frontrunner.
Some observe are correlating the link with the increasing rally, thus saw an uptrend in the usage, especially in the decentralized finance space.
Another executive from Framework Ventures, Vance Spencer, said that the attribution of this short term price increase can be associated with the China-based company’s usage of DeFi space.

The head of the largest private holder of link token also said that the market size for DeFi has grown four times in the last six months.

Most of the ecosystem, in addition, is basing on Chainlink for connection with on-chain DeFi smart contracts too on-chain smart contracts.

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As well, a crypto analyst, Simon Peters, told in an interview that there has been some bullish reports about crypto assets in the last months. The Chainlink’s news seemed to pay off as it partnered with various projects in the Defi space.

How does Chainlink work?
First off, this a system of oracles built on top of the Ethereum blockchain which provides data to decentralized blockchains.
For instance, if there are two users and these bet on the outcome of a binary event, the oracle will reveal the smart contract which the user successfully got, and paying the winning bettor.

The use of Chainlink can bring supplies data to smart contracts in a decentralized manner or simply put, multiple sources.

This creates a secured and reliable blockchain which can be compromised in case the oracle depending on a single source. This made the Defi industry went to Chainlinks.
In the DeFi space, we can hear a lot of major players like in the AVA, Kyber Network, Graph Protocol, Synthetix, and Opium Network.

While the cryptocurrency may have gotten an additional boost from Chainlink’s association with China’s national blockchain project, the national blockchain services network (BSN) cannot be downplayed.
In terms of what one can expect in the future, Chainlinks will be a mainstay for Web3 and can be appreciated at several factors higher than Ethereum’s current ceiling. This, in the long run, would assume a security layer and would push a significant growth in value.
Further, the trick of earning added stalk link tokens could make demands for the cryptocurrency.
Spencer mentioned that users could someday create a steady income stream from joining this crowdsourcing activity. This is an attractive feature to attract investors or educated retailers.

However, some are saying that despite the highest level since March, there’s a probability that the cryptocurrency could experience a quick pullback.

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