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Digitizing Mr. Kirk’s Memory

Star Trek star William Shatner digitized his Memories on the WAX Blockchain.

In the very initial episode of Boston Legal, Shatner’s recently-passed real-life friend (and fellow Star Trek alum) René Auberjonois storms into Denny Crane’s workplace to cue him that “Everyone is fungible!”
While the character is wrong — Crane is, in fact, irreplaceable — the purpose is well created.

In the real world of corporate lawyers, one suit looks very like another. It’s not a view to that Shatner himself subscribes.

“I believe that there is a uniqueness to all life — dogs are unique, horses are unique, they are individuals and they need to be appreciated for that,”

Shatner believes that as we tend to still take tentative steps within the world of memory preservation, simply being online isn’t enough. He states that “Putting something on a blockchain is forever,” and that “We’ve come up with a variety of things that are uniquely me, and it will be up there on WAX.”

Vinay Gupta of Mattereum bolstered the purpose, telling Forbes’ Michael Castillo last year that “The tech we’re working with isn’t just the blockchain, however, the technology of human memory.”

Shatner himself continues to form unforgettable moments daily. “I’ve got a blues album and an autobiographical album coming out if you can believe it. I’m working on an animated video. and the show, The unexplained, that is very popular. I’m going on the road with a number of shows; I did the last show at the Apollo in London [just before the UK’s stay-at-home order in March 2020]. I was wondering if anyone would show up, but most of them did… and then everybody went back into their homes and never came out!”

And though this limited edition will never be re-released, what are the possibilities that Shatner has lots more recollections to conceive to the blockchain within the future?

In any case, “Boldly going home and staying there” doesn’t quite match his continuing mission to illuminate technology.

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