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Discord Crypto Scammed – Again

Discord has also been vulnerable to crypto scams.

It is a platform mainly used by crypto and blockchain projects to interact with the community and then create a robust environment, giving solutions to different problems, suggestions, and many others.

Inappropriately, the criminals have arrived in Discord and are taking advantage of the private messages to send the unfortunate victims several incredible offers and then invite them to earn massive amounts of money without wasting a single effort.

In a recent case, the scammer has sent a direct message attracting the people to join a phantom exchange that will give as much as 0.95 BTC to help people during the pandemic.

Furthermore, the criminal has invited them to register on an interchange and then enter all the personal details to extract this striking summation.

This exchange was created only recently and is called Brexit. If the information is verified on the website, the registration code of the company will be 14637422.

Through writing this number on Google, it will be shown that there are a vast amount of scams similar to this one. That is why; this is a similar situation that was encountered sometime before.

At this point, every element understands that it is a well-conceived scam, as the BTC has been sent to the platform that will undoubtedly be lost, and the money that is up for grabs won’t certainly be given away.

Eventually, one must remember that when something is too good to be true, it might probably be a scam.

Furthermore, the website’s latest creation doesn’t make the platform look good; it doesn’t have social networks where other information can be checked. To cut it short, everything is indicated that it is a scam, so one has to reiterate not to believe any message that says;


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