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Dogecoin Reaches its All-Time High!

Dogecoin reaches All-Time highs! Price surges higher after Elon’s ‘Dogefather’ tweet.

Dogecoin, the famous meme-crypto, has seen double digit gains in the last few days after Elon Musk tweeted about his upcoming SNL appearance on May 8. Last Wednesday, Musk tweeted “The Dogefather SNL May 8,” and numerous people believe that dogecoin will be mentioned on the show.

Doge’s All-Time High

Last weekend dogecoin started to fly once again, as it neared the all-time high. The last dogecoin ATH was two weeks ago at $0.44 per token.

DOGE jumped over 45% in the past seven days, and it gained 537.92% against the US dollar. Recent Dogecoin events include Jerome Powell has been asked about dogecoin, and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban tackled DOGE with Ellen Degeneres.

And before the weekend, Elon Musk, who tweets about Dogecoin many times, mentioned about his upcoming SNL appearance on May 8. Musk has also been flooding Twitter with ideas about specific skits he can do on the show.

Musk’s ‘Dogefather’ Tweet makes DOGE hit All-Time High!

A few days before April 28, Musk tweeted “The Dogefather SNL May 8,” which referenced an upcoming DOGE talk on the show. Around 10,000 people quoted Elon’s tweet, and it was retweeted over 72,000 times and has over 422,000 likes up until now.

Numerous people replied to Musk’s tweet that day. “Your words give life and energy to Dogecoin,” a woman from India wrote. “I have invested 5k Indian rupees in doge. Bought at 27 INR. Just 184 doge coins. Now in a little dip. This 5k is very very small for big investors. But it’s hard earned money for me,” she continued.

dogecoin all time high

The Indian woman’s tweet got around 4,541 likes on Twitter and has been retweeted many times. Since Musk’s tweet, the trend #dogefather and #DogecoinToTheMoon has been viral on Twitter.

Dogecoin Searches Reached the Highest Ever!

Members of the Shibe Army also drive the Dogecoin trends on Twitter. “Elon Musk is bringing Scooby Snacks to SNL. I suppose I’ll give in and get a small bag of DOGE,” one person said.

“Thank you #Dogefather,” another one tweeted. “You made me make back what I lost. Wishing you guys hit that dollar mark.”

Dogecoin also makes rounds on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit as well.

Meanwhile, Google Trends worldwide statistics showed that the term “dogecoin” currently tapped a score of 100, the highest a search query could get.

The term “dogecoin” captured the score last week of April 11 to April 17. But from April 18 to 24th, the term dropped from 100 to 99 and the platform forecasts an forthcoming trend dip. Last Saturday evening, Dogecoin officially captured a $50 billion market valuation.

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