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Election-Themed NFT says Biden is Not Yet President

An NFT designed to mutate into one of two animations is awaiting the Electoral College’s final certification before anointing Joe Biden or Donald Trump, the president.

The peculiar piece by Mike Winkelman, who goes by the name “Beeple” online, has been sold nine days ago to a buyer named “Pablo,” for $66,666.60. It depicted the presidential candidates, naked and swirling in amniotic fluid. “Pablo” purchased the piece on behalf of the Museum of Crypto Art.

If Trump overcomes Biden’s victory, the NFT will turn into an animation of a storming hunk of Trump muscle with a crown on his head, wading through the flames and past air raid sirens to save a divided nation from disaster.

However, suppose Biden’s Electoral College survives the various recounts and lawsuits mounted by GOP. In that case, the animated NFT will display an image of a decaying Trump corpse slumped next to trash, defaced with “Loser,” among other epithets as yuppies stroll by.

The spokesman for Nifty Gateway, Sean Lenehan, stated that Beeple has been cautious about declaring a winner for the NFT‘s final rendering is irreversible.

“We’re calling on a chain function that will change the IPFS hash of the image that is encoded to the Biden victory image,” Lenehan elaborated. “Then we’re updating the metadata that gets served from the token URI endpoint. The chain function can only be called once in either direction.”

In case there is any confusion about who the artist favored in the election, Beeple issued a caveat emptor on the page listing his creation:

“PLEASE FCKING NOTE: If Trump wins, this token will change to that video of sexy boi king trump stomping through hell FOREVER. I don’t want you coming back to me bitching that you spent $2M on this and now it’s a video of orangeman going HAM and it’s keeping u up at night popping mad boners.”

Later on, Beeple defended his digital masterpiece in the mosh pit of Twitter, where some users have appeared to be flabbergasted at the price his piece(s) fetched: “Stfu that this isn’t gonna be worth a f*ckton more when I hit 30 years of everydays and have a permanent collection in the MOMA,” he tweeted.

On the other hand, Pablo had already put the piece up for sale, and he’s asking for $666,666.00.

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