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Elon Musk VS Protestors

Because of his crypto influence, Elon Musk faces protestors outside his Tesla factory.

A protestor group named “Stopelon” has gathered outside the Tesla factory in North California. They want to voice their anger at Elon Musk and his never ending antics in the crypto world.

Elon Musk is faced with more anger

Recently, Elon Musk has been deemed as one of the most disliked figures in the crypto scene. The South African entrepreneur proved himself as one of the strongest influential figures in the industry. Now it seems that he is using his power to do harm to bitcoin and other altcoins. Many investors are not very happy with this.

Elon Musk announced not long ago that he takes back his decision to accept bitcoin payments for Tesla-based goods and services. This is because the mining process of Bitcoin was very harmful to the environment, and he is not taking any chances. Because of that, Bitcoin made an enormous drop that brought it down from the mid-$50,000 range to $40,000.

elon musk

But things didn’t stop there. After a negative backlash on Twitter, Musk then hinted that he is considering selling his private crypto stash. That is why Bitcoin crashed even lower, as of now, the cryptocurrency lost around $30,000 from its current ATH of around $64,000.

Many crypto traders are now tired of Elon stopping their digital dreams. Whenever he tweets, Bitcoin or Dogecoin gets affected. Now, there are many individuals that want to see Musk leave crypto space permanently. They also work to get him kicked out of Twitter. They are not really happy about the amount of power a man holds over a whole industry.

A protester outside the factory elaborated how their organization plans to stop Elon in his way:

“[We have] a plan to take over Tesla over the next few years. Our plan is to purchase as many shares of Tesla as we can through a cryptocurrency movement and to put together a voting trust to allow other people to do that.”

He isn’t the Bad Guy

The group also plans to make and distribute a “Stopelon” digital token as a way of protesting his influence further.

Many are not happy about Musk’s recent shenanigans. But some, like Cathie Wood of Ark Invest fame – believe that one day will come when Elon is looked upon as one of the most supportive and important individuals in crypto. In a latest interview, she says that Musk has done a lot for cryptocurrency and a lot of people are talking about it more often than before.

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