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Fortnite Crypto now on Sale for Cash

The regulars from the strong Fortnite subreddit can now trade their crypto-based community points that were earned from their contributions like memes, high-quality comments and fan-made art in exchange for cash.

Since May, Reddit has tested the cryptocurrency rewards on the community-run subreddit for Fortnite, r/FortNiteBR, as well as on r/CryptoCurrency.

The subreddit’s cryptocurrency, “Bricks” is running on a test version of the Ethereum that is known as “Rinkeby.” Testnet coins are not supposed to have a value; indeed, the Rinkeby version of Ethereum tokens can be requested for free.

However, it is still possible to sell the Bricks on a new decentralized exchange, Honeyswap. In that place, the coins will have real value. If not much; a single brick is worth $0.03, and a solitary transaction cost $8.89.

It is complicated to sell the coins and the transaction fees that may not make it worth a while. It is also relatively more comfortable, nevertheless still very detailed, to sell the MOON cryptocurrency earned on r/CryptoCurrency for people have written the software that is making the whole thing less of a problem.

It has been indicated that the Fortnite experiment is becoming more popular. DappRadar states that 36,770 Brick holders made 65,291 transfers. On the r/CryptoCurrency, there are already 7,973 of MOONS and 16.748 allocations.

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