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GDollars: The Bridge between China and the Western world under the Eagle’s Eye

  • Steve Bannon’s cryptocurrency GDollars is supposedly being investigated by the SEC.
  • The cryptocurrency was traded in May and is correlated to Bannon’s GTV Media group project.
  • GTV Media did not acquire a license to sell the cryptocurrency to U.S. investors

GDollars, a cryptocurrency financed by a former advisor to the Trump administration Steve Bannon, is allegedly being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Forensic News journalist Scott Stedman broke the news through his Twitter feed on Saturday, quoting an anonymous source who affirmed that Bannon and his colleague never received a license to issue the digital currency, which has accumulated millions of dollars this year.

GTV Media Under the Eagle’s Eye

GDollars is a cryptocurrency tied to GTV Media, a business formed earlier this year by Bannon and Guo Wengui, a friend and business associate of Bannon’s. Wengui has been on the run from the Chinese administration since 2014, having been accused of a litany of crimes ranging from bribery to sexual assault. He is an outspoken critic of the Chinese regime in much the same way that Bannon is about America.

Wengui and Bannon formed theGTV Media group with the intention of it being “the only uncensored and independent bridge between China and the Western world.” However, the SEC and the FBI are now looking into the deal after various banks and payment processors pulled their services and froze accounts when the links to Wengui were known.

These investigations were leaked two weeks ago through the Wall Street Journal, and it seems that their interest has included the GDollars project that came after GTV Media launched.

GDollars Under the Radar

Not a huge amount is known about GDollars except that Bannon and Wengui began selling them in May, allowing unrestricted pre-ordering of the tokens up to $999,999. Similarly, as JPMorgan and Wells Fargo froze the accounts tied to GTV Media’s fundraising company, Stripe stopped accepting payments for GDollars due to “legal concerns,” according to Stedman’s source.

Despite the clear association, Stedman says that the GDollar cryptocurrency is treated differently from the GTV Media case:

As the Telegram case proved, when U.S. authorities don’t like something, they will use every inch of their power and influence to shut it down. With both trade wars and tech wars going on with China right now, GTV Media and GDollars will face a tough time remaining a going concern once the FBI and SEC have their claws.

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