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Give.Org goes Techy in using Blockchain to accept Donation

Better Business Bureau-accredited to promote the platform that uses a blockchain allows donations to charities accredited by charities while ensuring that donor information is only shared when permitted.

The charity institution backed, The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, launched a privacy-oriented donation platform based on Ardor Blockchain (ARDR).

According to an announcement on July 4, the watchdog organization of the BBB Wise Giving Alliance launched the blockchain donation platform,

This platform uses distributed book technology to allow donations to BBB accredited charities while ensuring that donor information is only shared when permitted: “This platform also aims to restore trust in the online donation model, address concerns people have about misuse of their personal data and potential hacks. All personal information is stored on the Ardor blockchain and is only accessible to charities with donor permission.”

Head of GiveSafely, Ezra Vazquez-D’Amico, clarified that GiveSafely “empowers a shared giver noble cause relationship.” Furthermore, the stage doesn’t approach its client’s very own data, gifts, or instalment subtleties.

Accepting digital money

Cryptocurrency owners can donate cryptocurrency directly to charities. This was motivated by Edelman’s report that 25% of the wealthy millennial owned or used digital currencies, and 31% expressed interest. Fiat donations are also accepted.

According to the announcement, the move will serve to attract young donors. “ is launched with the aim of reaching out to younger and more technologically proficient donors who are less likely to make donations compared to older or less tech-savvy ones.” Besides, donors who use the platform will be rewarded with charitable experience. These experiences last 15 to 20 minutes and include tips on healthy cooking and discussion on how to work at a charity.

Charities offered on the platform include Save Children, Easter Seals, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Population Media Centers, RedRover, Wildlife Reserves, Alzheimer’s Care Funds, and World Emergency Assistance.

Charity use of Digital Currencies

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology allows very high levels of transparency and lower transaction costs. Both functions are in high demand in the charity sector, where every penny counts.

According to Ray Yousef, founder and CEO of Paxful Exchange Cryptocurrency, the future of philanthropy lies in blockchain technology. In May, his company launched a fundraiser to combat the ongoing pandemic in Africa.

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