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Godzilla vs. Kong NFTs now on the Roll!

The first in Hollywood, BossLogic’s ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ NFTs make a historic mark!

Legendary’s big theatrical and streaming film arrives together with three different NFT collectible drops, including posters and trading cards.

Today’s release of blockbuster film “Godzilla vs Kong” in theaters and HBO Max arrives right in the prime of the crypto collectibles non-fungible token (NFT) surge, and Legendary Entertainment takes advantage of the timing with not only one, not two, but three different tie-in NFT drops on different platforms.

Named as the first NFT drops to launch along with a major motion picture, the promotion includes a series of posters from artist Kode “BossLogic” Abdo, who has worked with Marvel and Disney before. The drop began today on MakersPlace and it includes seven pieces, including an animated single-edition piece named “Legends Will Collide.”

The other offerings are now available in open editions in a 15-minute span, this includes a piece named “One Will Fall” that will sell for just $1. BossLogic had already been busy in the NFT space, releasing collectible cards on Ethernity Chain, and collaborating with UFC champion Francis Ngannou on a MakersPlace drop.

Legendary Entertainment also launched “Godzilla vs. Kong” themed NFT artwork on Terra Virtua today. Terra Virtua is famous for its brand partnerships, with other entertainment properties like “Top Gun,” “The Godfather,” and “Pacific Rim” advertised on its marketplace.

An NFT could represent any kind of digital item, whether it is a still image, animated gif, video, or even a tweet, and their authenticity could be confirmed through a blockchain technology. The NFT crypto art and collectible space had exploded in 2021, with the top three marketplaces reporting $342 million in trading volume only in February.

With that surge, it is no surprise that major brands, sports leagues, artists, celebrities, and athletes have been rising to meet the demand and buzz with digital collectibles, with the likes of Taco Bell, Grimes, Charmin, and NFL star Rob Gronkowski launching their own drops.

“Godzilla vs. Kong” is the first major studio film to launch with NFTs, however, it is unlikely to be the last as long as crypto collectibles remain in demand. NFTs have also been looked as a way to generate funding for film projects, like artist Ben Mauro after his own recent $2 million NFT artwork drop. Mogul Productions also explores the potential for NFTs to generate royalties for IP holders.

While it didn’t feature King Kong, there is another official Godzilla NFT drop recently: trading card brand Topps just launched a series of Godzilla trading cards on the WAX platform with imagery from the movie monster’s history. The standard $10 packs, with four digital cards each, could be available for purchase for only 72 hours, while $100 30-card ultimate packs have already been sold out.

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