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Google’s Fundo pays Creators for hosting Virtual Meet-and-Greets

September 10, 2020

Google’s Fundo, a service that allows creators to host compensated, ticketed virtual meet-and-greet events, progresses from a limited test into a fully released product that everyone can use starting now.

Created by Google’s Area 120 incubator, Fundo was launched in a beta version last summer for hundreds of “trusted tester,” according to reports. It is now available for use.

Fundo was meant as a virtual photo-booth service. Fans can wait in a virtual line, chat for the meantime with the celebrity or creator, and acquire “photos” with them. This is very similar to a real-life meet-and-greet. The service provides creators with a stress-free way to run these kinds of events, finish video streaming, processing payments, and hosting, but in exchange, Google will take a 20% cut of the revenue.

Virtual meetings trend in 2020

Thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of offering an easy way for creators to get paid, ticketed online events have become more valuable, for the pandemic has forced many events to be hosted online. Google has seen events expand to include activities like workout classes, cooking tutorials, and workshops.

Fundo allows 30 users to be on-screen simultaneously; their goal is to hold smaller events than giant digital seminars or concerts with hundreds of attendees. Everything will be done directly through the Fundo website, too, using a custom video chat system.

In addition to this, users can also search for events on the Fundo website and purchase scheduled one-on-one meetings with creators.

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