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Here’s How Hackers Take Hold of A Youtuber Account

In previous weeks, we’ve heard that hackers are cracking social media accounts of various celebrities and even business big wigs.

In an exclusive video of a Youtuber, he explained how these cyber criminals lay hold of one’s precious account in just a tweak of codes and manipulations.

With 2.43 million followers, David Demasceno revealed that the modus operandi of crypto scammers vary per case as it happens with the rest.

But he narrated how he was seized by hackers to launch an XRP fake giveaway campaign.

The influencer running Universo Curioso, Demasceno, said that cybercriminals took control of his account after getting a contact request from an individual offering him a video editing tool.

Ran by bogus software known as Zenium Editor, the scam began when Damasceno was asked to download and install it. Luring him as also a tool for marketing and advertising, the moment it entered your network, the damage has been done. The malware was deployed.

After this, his YouTube channel—previously containing topics about history, science, and mystery topics—started to publish several live broadcasts and recorded videos circling fake XRP 100 million giveaway, asking users to send from 2,000 to 150,000 XRP.

What’s the worse thing, according to Damasceno, is that the criminals demanded a ransom payment of $10,000 worth in Bitcoin if he wanted to regain the ownership of Universo Curioso.

It only took six hours before he regained control of the channel, free of paying them the ransom. However, all videos were deleted.

In recent months, YouTube has been the target of the crypto industry’s players. Tech executives like Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, have called out the company to be too lenient with security enforcement for scams.

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