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Holidays Scams are Imminent, You’ve been Warned

Hydro One warns customers of increased scams, targeting utility users that lead into the holiday season.

Alex Stewart, the spokesperson for Hydro One, says that common tactics are threatening phone calls, texts, and emails that demand payment.

“The busy holiday season is a prime time and scammers are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. We encourage customers to stay safe and protect themselves with the tips and resources we have available.”

Stewart shares some tips.

“If you do receive a suspicious email or text threatening to disconnect power, please contact us directly, and please know that we are not disconnecting any customers for non-repayment at this time. We do have avenues for customers that are struggling and we encourage customers to reach out. Our pandemic relief fund does offer financial flexibility for customers facing hardships right now.”

Stewart adds that “When in doubt, contact your utility provider directly.”

More tips:

  1. Don’t make a payment for a charge that is not listed on your recent bill
  2. Ignore text messages or emails with suspicious links that promise refunds
  3. Don’t call the number provided. As an alternative, call your utility directly to check the status of your account
  4. Do not provide any personal information or details about your account
  5. Utility companies will not threaten instant disconnection for non-payment
  6. If you feel threatened in any way, contact the local police as soon as possible

Always be on guard whenever someone requests payment with gift cards or bitcoin.

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