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Intel and Microsoft Fights Cryptojacking

Intel and Microsoft work together to fight cryptojacking attacks by placing a threat detection tool.

Although recent studies have shown a slowdown in cryptojacking activities, Intel is still on the hunt to detect similar activities. They teamed up with Microsoft to expand a campaign that will make cryptojacking stronger with new technologies.

The tool can activate many detectors and stop any threats

The Microsoft Defender for Endpoint launched a threat detection tool, known as Intel Threat detection Technology or Intel TDT. Intel designed it to launch a detection of cryptojacking threats before reaching a system.

The said technology can activate CPU based cryptomining machine learning detection without compromising the users’ computers or any kind.

“The silicon-level telemetry and functionality enable the hardware computer platform to play an active role in threat defense against ‘above-the-OS’ attacks. Clearly, the goal is to empower Intel-based systems of today and tomorrow to be fundamentally more secure and have lower malware infection rates than AMD, Apple, and other ARM-based processor systems.”

Frank Dickson, program vice president of Security and Trust at International Data Corporation (IDC)
intel and microsoft fights cryptojacking

The tool will send a high-fidelity signal that will trigger detectors in the fleet without reducing the systems’ resources.

Cryptojacking gets weaker

Cryptojacking is a malicious attack where the threat actors install crypto-mining apps into computers that belong to individuals or businesses, it aims to mine crypto illegally by taking resources from their systems.

These actions dramatically reduce the performance of the affected computers, and some malware and some cryptojacking attacks have the capabilities to extend onto a whole network of computers.

However, since 2018, cryptojacking attacks have been decreasing momentarily.

The threat actors in cryptojacking attacks essentially mine privacy cryptocurrency, which has been well-documented in some intelligence firms’ research.

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