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John McAfee’s Hideout Revealed

John McAfee’s hideout was secretly a Bitcoin mining farm.

John McAfee was allegedly hiding out in a Spanish “ghost hotel”. It comes with a bitcoin mining farm in the basement before his arrest. Evidence from images and messages the antivirus tycoon on social media points to a hotel that was owned by a Russian.

Bitcoin Mining Farm in a ‘Ghost Hotel’

Following the news that McAfee was dead in his prison cell in Spain. Many reports have been emerging that his hideout place was a secret bitcoin mining farm.

The said hideout was a hotel in Cambrils with a name Daurada Park Hotel. Cambrils is a coastal town in Tarragona, Catalonia, province of Spain.

The hotel was “a ghost hotel”. This is because reservations were impossible to make as no one answers the phone even when it is still operational.

There are few reviews of the hotel and reviewers found it to be “terrible.”

The hotel’s owner is a mysterious Russian businessman. Authorities were suspicious of the hotel when an enormous laser pointing at the sky was built on its roof. The police raided the premises in 2018. Then found a bitcoin mining farm in the hotel’s basement that operates 24-7. The police lacked the authority to shut down the bitcoin mining operation that time. For cryptocurrency was still an unregulated industry. The hotel is now permanently closed.

McAfee stated that the Feds suspected that he was hiding cryptocurrencies, which he denied. Continuing that all of his assets had been seized by the police.

Locating McAfee to the Semi-Abandoned hotel

He said that he was never at the hotel. But, a group of computer enthusiasts gathered clues from images and comments he posted online.

When the cybersecurity tycoon stated that he was hiding out in Belarus, a lot of clues traced him to Spain. Some of the images he posted on social media have his photos on beaches and balconies matching images on Google maps of the Daurada Park Hotel.

Last March, McAfee shared photos of empty supermarkets where prices have been in Catalan. Earlier, he was also spotted with a bottle of Catalan Sumarroca cava wine, Spanish Bezoya water bottles, and ATO cream which were also made there.


McAfee then admitted that he had been in Catalonia when he “visited Spain for a few days.” But the group assumed that this hotel was his long-term base.

“He himself has said that he often came to Catalonia since 2018 or 2019 and it seems that he was based in this hotel,” they said.

The tycoon was arrested on Oct. 3 last year. The next day, he was admitted to Brians 2 prison in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires after he appeared before Spain’s high court. In March, he was indicted by the US Department of Justice. After the tycoon was found hanged in his prison cell, speculations about him having a “dead man’s switch” began to circulate.

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