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MicroStrategy to Purchase MORE Bitcoin

MicroStrategy considers another Bitcoin purchase worth $500 million!

The software firm that has stock shares trading for around $500, has announced that it is considering selling around $400 million worth of company debt to purchase more BTC. MicroStrategy buys BTC again.

MicroStrategy to hoard more Bitcoin!

The company now owns over $2 billion in Bitcoin, that is why it is the largest bitcoin investor in the world. MicroStrategy has been the largest marketer for the world’s number one digital currency by market capitalization.

In August of last year, the company’s CEO Michael Saylor announced that the firm will be purchasing around $250 million worth of the asset. It was the first time in Bitcoin’s history that a big institution was giving support for Bitcoin. Furthermore, it was the first time that an institution bought so much of it.

Since then, the currency has taken a drop and slid from $12,000 per unit to $10,000. MicroStrategy used the opportunity to purchase more Bitcoin then add over $100 million worth of Bitcoin to its enormous stash. That is why the company bought its overall BTC portfolio beyond the $400 mark. From there, MicroStrategy got involved in regular purchases and has seen its earnings increase beyond the $2 billion point, this is one of the largest Bitcoin success so far.


MicroStrategy announced last Monday that it offers “senior secure notes” that qualified, institutional players will be able to buy in the next few days. The debt will be made available through a firm Jefferies Financial Group Inc.

Aside from that, MicroStrategy took a hard stance in making Bitcoin more accessible to others. For instance, Michael Saylor hosted a summit in February that will teach the same enterprises how they could start investing in Bitcoin and then adding it to their own stashes.

Smarter and Greener Initiative

Saylor recently teamed up with Elon Musk to form the Bitcoin Mining Council. The purpose of the council is to make data about energy use in the largest bitcoin mining corporations more clearer. This is because Musk has cited major concerns about the environmental impacts that crypto mining causes.

Musk mentioned that he wants to learn more about green energy the companies are using. So that Bitcoin use may continue without harming the Earth’s atmosphere.

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