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MORE Mind Blowing Bitcoin Facts (that may change your life)

Last Monday, you learned 30 mind-blowing facts about Bitcoin. Now, brace yourself for MORE mind-blowing bitcoin facts.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here are the first 30 facts about bitcoin.

Now, here are MORE mind-blowing Bitcoin facts

  1. Refunds are not possible on a bitcoin transaction. In 2016, a bitcoiner accidentally sent $137,000 instead of $5 with no means of retrieving it.

2. 17M bitcoins are expected to be used in the next ten years.

3. The 21M Bitcoin Limit is expected to be extended in 2140.

4. Austin Craig and Beccy Bingham’s famous “Life on Bitcoin” have depicted how they lived for 90 days on just Bitcoins.

5. Alphabay phisher and Phiskingz made $1M in 14 months by stealing Bitcoins.

6. The University of Nicosia Cyprus was the first university to accept tuition fees to be paid in BTC.

7. Virgin Galactic is a theoretical space travel adventure club that accepts bitcoins.

8. Dell, Dish Network, Expedia, Microsoft, and Overstock are the Big Companies that accept payments through BItcoin.

9. In 2017, Japanese stores were accepting 300,000 worth of Bitcoin.

10. Ripple with 118.8B and Ethereum with 90.4B Market Cap is the other significant cryptocurrencies the next Bitcoin as of January 3, 2018.

11. 90% of all bitcoin addresses have less than 0.1 BTC

12. Roger Ver with 520M, Charlie Shrem with 450M, and Dave Carlson with 350M are few other Bitcoin Millionaires.

13. One Bitcoin transaction consumes 3,994 times more energy than a credit card transaction.

14. Since April 1, 2017, bitcoin is a standard payment method in Japan.

15. Bitcoin has lost about 45% of its peak value at one point, between December 16 and 22, in the year 2017.

16. Japanese Yen have been accounted for having more than 50% of the Bitcoin trading market.

17. In the year 2014, FPS, Belgium exempts bitcoin transactions from VAT.

18. In the year 2014, CBT, Finland exempts bitcoin from VAT and treats it as a commodity.

19. Bitcoin has a value-added tax exemption in Belgium.

20. Bitcoin is VAT free in Switzerland. Falcon, a Swiss bank, is the first bank to sell bitcoin to its clients.

21. In January of 2018, Chiasso, Switzerland, will accept taxes in the form of Bitcoin.

22. Bitcoin is illegal in Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador, Morocco, Nepal, Algeria, and Bangladesh.

23. In the year 2013, Thailand has banned Bitcoin. But in 2016, the Bank of Thailand had suggested that it is not illegal.

24. By January 2018, there were already 2,015 Bitcoin ATM’s worldwide in 61 countries.

25. With 36.01%, Genesis Coin and General Bytes, with 27.64% of the market share, are the biggest ATM producers.

26. North America has over 80% of all Bitcoin ATMs.

27. Liberland is a micronation that accepts bitcoin as a reserve currency.

28. Started with 3k lines of code, bitcoin core is now counting to over 100k SLOC.

29. Once the bitcoin has come into existence, transaction fees can drive miners.

30. Kim Dotcom launched Megaupload v2; it allows micropayments to be made in bitcoin.

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