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Nakamoto Makes It to Top 20 World’s Richest!

Satoshi Nakamoto is now part of the Top 20 World’s Richest people!

Bitcoin’s Creator is now a member of the 1%.

The mysterious creator of the Bitcoin project is unknown and there is a little information out there about the identity of the blockchain inventor or group investors.

But there is some information that the community is aware of, and it is well known that Nakamoto helped start the network and was with the community until 2020. It is estimated that he holds at least 750,000 to 1.1 million bitcoin from when the creator mined tokens back in the early days.

It is also understood that Nakamoto has never spent the coinbase rewards gathered in the first year that Bitcoin has been launched. Now leveraging the current bitcoin exchange rates indicates that Satoshi Nakamoto is a very rich person today, as the inventor possess around $59 billion in wealth.

This is if Satoshi Nakamoto has access to the 1 million BTC estimate and the $59 billion doesn’t include the forks that he also owns. Nakamoto’s Bitcoin Cash stash is worth over $650 million and the Bitcoinsv cache the inventor owns is amounted to over $250 million. Satoshi  Nakamoto also has access to 1.1 million Bitcoin Gold, and all other forks that exist if the inventor still has his private keys.

With only the BTC stash, this puts Satoshi Nakamoto in the top 20 positions, according to the “Forbes Billionaires 2021” list. Nakamoto is positioned just above Michael Bloomberg and Rob Walton.

Nakamoto climbed from being the world’s 159th richest person to the 19th in just 5 months. Bitcoin’s inventor could be in the 19th position with the use of today’s BTC exchange rates and with the corresponding exchange rates of forks like BCH, BSV, and BTG.

Now Satoshi Nakamoto is slowly moving to Jeff Bezos’ number one position and what the price of BTC needs to be to get there. With close to $60 billion in assets, Nakamoto is not yet a centibillionaire and BTC still has a long way to go for the inventor to even come close to Bezos and Musk.

It is not out of the question to believe that Satoshi Nakamoto could make it to Bezos’ position, as the Bitcoin’s inventor held the 157th richest person worldwide position back in October 2020. Being a member of the top 20 richest billionaires is not a small task and the mysterious and unknown creator of Bitcoin has finally accomplished this goal.

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