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NBA Player Spencer Dinwiddie Swells Tokenized Contract to $1.3M

National Basketball Association player Spencer Dinwiddie ended his token sale after quite a time investing in the blockchain system.

Leveraging the Dream Fan Shares (DFS) efforts, a system that is founded on Ethereum and is positioned to empower athletes, artists, and influencers and take control of their financial destiny thru structured securities, was the main reason the NBS star tokenized his contract.

The reported arrangements were able to raise raised $1.3 million, versus the projected sales of $13.5 million. Albeit the efforts to getting the tokenized contract to fundraise, the Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie only acquired 10% of what was set above.

These SD26 token shares worth $150,000, which created the $1.3 million raise. After a public announcement that he would tokenize his contract, Dinwiddie had received an NBA notice threatening him to stop his contract. This 2020, it only got a DFS contract.

Some plot twist and career highlights for this 27-year-old baller include him testing positive for Covid-19 and changed his jersey number at the beginning of the year.

The latter was granted and was able to receive the shift from No. 8 to No. 26. Despite the basketball player’s fame, his SD26 shares turned sluggish sales compared to other initial coin offerings (ICO).

His pale sales were short in comparison to the $42 million the Avalanche team garnered in 4.5 hours days ago. In the DFS website, it notes that “[token] Investments on Dream Fan Shares are illiquid and loss of invested capital is possible.” This DFS leverage Dinwiddie got is a highly reliable and safe contract and has the potential for debt securities according to DFS notes.

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