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New NFTs Are Out For Sale!

Obama ‘Hope’ poster artist Shepard Fairey is now selling NFTs and it is set for auction on March 29.

The artist behind former President Barack Obama’s famous “Hope” campaign, Shepard Fairey, will now be selling his NFT.

It is attached to a digital image named “Obey Ideal Power,” and it is set to be auctioned off on the NFT marketplace SuperRare.

As the blockchain enthusiast and art-world grifters have fueled gas into the engine of NFT hype, creators of all kinds have been joining onboard, auctioning off GIFs and audio files for a massive amount of money.

What about the NFTs’ ecological footprint? Are there any copyright issues involved? How about the exclusivity problem? Isn’t this stuff only accessible to the crypto nerds with a built-in audience? How can someone know if NFTs aren’t just a vehicle for money laundering?

Also, the JPEG that has been bought for $69 million doesn’t really live forever on the blockchain?

As skepticism rises up, artists have been packaging new NFT announcements with the climate offsets and other charitable components. Aphex Twin stated that he had used the money from his recent NFT sale to plant trees, and the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway aims to put money toward the forest conservation efforts in Peru.

Speaking for his part, Fairey has vowed that he will donate “a portion of the proceeds” from the sale to Amnesty International.

“Obey Ideal Power” is a part of a collaboration between SuperRare and a company named Verisart, which gives ownership certificates for blockchain-based assets. The piece will be up for auction on March 29.

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