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NFTs are now on Sale at eBay!

eBay is now an NFTs marketplace!

The popular online retail store has recently added Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to the long list of products that can be shopped on the platform now.

But only specific users on the platform are allowed to shop and sell NFTs on eBay. The company highlighted that policies about trading in eBay can be reviewed to cater to a lot of people.

News about eBay and NFT came at a time when Jamie Iannone, the firm’s CEO, stated that the company will be tapping into the NFT market.

He stated that buyers and sellers will be able to deal with NFTs but they did not simplify the process. He also revealed that they are also looking at making crypto payment options available for all users.

Jordan Sweetnam, eBay North America’s Vice President, also stated that they will add new competencies that will bring blockchain-driven collectibles to the platform.

The online market store has been thinking about getting more involved in the crypto market space before now. The talks have been in place with executives of the firm for three years before now that they have announced that they will finally give way to trade NFTs.

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The NFT space still explodes!

The NFT space continues to explode and attract a lot of celebrities and now more are marketing for the product.

Recently, Floyd Mayweather is set to launch his brand of digital collectibles. He is the third professional boxer to launch his NFT in just four weeks.

In the same manner, Portugal interns, Eder and Jose Fonte launched their NFT recently, making them the first set of footballers to do it.

The NFT space continued to receive even more celebrities to cut in the music, sports and entertainment industry.

eBay’s raid into the NFT marketplace is another implication of the growing e-commerce crypto and blockchain adoption. Starting from PayPal to, the online merchants are progressively interfacing with the developing technology.

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